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Ram Gopal Varma’s sensual dance video on Rangeela with Inaya Sultana goes viral; COMMENTS from the filmmaker

Whether for his statements, his media presence, his tweets or his films, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has always made headlines for controversial reasons. RGV has time and again made headlines for their controversial tweets. The director of Veerappan has shared a sultry video of him dancing with Inaya Sultana to the song Rangeela. However, he joked about the same saying that it’s not him in the video.

Sharing the video on Twitter, the director wrote, “I want to once again make it clear that the guy in this video is not me and the girl in red is not Inaya Sultana and I swear on the president American JOE BIDEN (sic).” The video is going viral for obvious reasons.

Sultana also shared a photo with RGV and others from her birthday party and wrote, “This is the best and most amazing moment of my life my forever love.”

Check it out:

Well, RGV and Sultana are facing a backlash for the video which has raised many eyebrows. One of the many comments was: “I can’t believe my eyes…it’s groping kar raha hai ye banda and why doesn’t the lady even try to put it away!!!!”

Another Twitter user commented: “So much enthusiasm at 60, shame on you sir, you are dancing in public with a girl your granddaughter’s age.

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