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Grace finally found it: Man in Viral Warisi’s dance video says it was recorded in 2019 and talks about his newfound fame

The young man behind the viral song Warisi spoke in two video interviews about how it all started years ago In one of his interviews, Warisi revealed that the song was a freestyle as he danced and got excited at a party in December 2019. The man added that when people started sharing his dance […]

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“The Nutcracker” and 5 More Dance Shows on Screen This Season

NUTCRACKER Since local audiences can’t make it to the Opera for Boston Ballet’s holiday classic this year, the company is offering to bring the ballet to you – for the very first time, and for free. The all-new, streamlined one-hour version, edited from video of previous years’ dress rehearsals, will have three TV broadcasts as […]

Dance performances

Four irresistible dance shows; Erika Lee in Sainte-Kate

Is there some sort of dance explosion going on? Because after the great mid-October weekend for dance, then the Twin Cities Tap Festival, Dorrance Dance and the Irish Teaċ Daṁsa, here are four more irresistible performances. If you time it right and your budget allows, you can see all four, each expressing different perspectives and […]