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Ubisoft confirms Just Dance video game data breach

The developer said no account was accessed inappropriately

Ubisoft has announced a data breach after unknown actors targeted its popular video game franchise, Just Dance.

The game developer has confirmed that customer information may have been accessed after attackers took advantage of a “misconfiguration” to steal data.

A statement from Ubisoft said the breach was limited to “technical identifiers,” including GamerTags, profile IDs, and device IDs, as well as recordings of Just Dance videos that were uploaded for sharing. publicly with the game community and/or on social media profiles.

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He adds: “This incident was the result of a misconfiguration, which when identified, was quickly corrected, but allowed unauthorized persons to access and possibly copy certain personal player data.

“Our investigation did not show that any Ubisoft account information was compromised as a result of this incident.”

Ubisoft has advised all Just Dance users to reset their passwords and use two-factor authentication.

More information on the steps for users to follow can be found in a forum post from the Just Dance team.

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