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Brian Kelly Explains His Awkward Southern Accent, Dance Video

Brian Kelly has been making all kinds of headlines since leaving Notre Dame for the LSU job, and now we get his explanation of a few events.

The former Notre Dame coach was hired by LSU in late November, although he did not coach the Tigers for their Texas Bowl game on Tuesday. He gave an interview to ESPN during the game and touched on a few topics of interest.

Kelly starred in an awkward video with quarterback five-star rookie Walker Howard (see here). He addressed the video during his interview.

“Well listen, Walker Howard is a five star quarterback. You know you have to do what your quarterback asks. If he says you have to dance, why don’t you dance? said Kelly.

Kelly also spoke about the viral music video of him speaking with a Southern accent (video here).

“Whether it’s dancing or not getting my accent under control… look, I’m from Boston. We don’t have strong accents,” Kelly said.

Then the coach acknowledged that he was trying to fit in with the community.

“At the end of the day, it’s really, for me, about wanting to be part of this community. I want to be part of Louisiana. I really want to immerse myself in Louisiana and this community, and I’m so excited to ‘being here in Baton Rouge,’ Kelly said.

The 60-year-old coach also shared that he plans to build his squad for 2022 via the transfer portal, although he stressed that in future signing freshmen is the way he wants to construct. He seemed to hint that Myles Brennan could also be the first incoming quarterback in the spring.

LSU won a national championship in the 2019 season and wants to compete at that level. Kelly has a lot of work to get back to this place.