Dance artist

Yorkshire dance artist Erica Mulkern’s Suzy Homemaker show will be presented in Sheffield

The festival, which opens tomorrow, is an 11-day program of events in which artists collaborate with academics to bring their research to life for the public. Mulkern’s Suzy Homemaker is based on research by Dr Liat Levita and Ankita Mishra from the Department of Psychology at the University of Sheffield and depicts three women from different periods of history trapped in a gender role imposed on them by the society. The first is suffragist Susannah, an Edwardian socialite who is passionate about the women’s suffrage movement but is forced to marry a husband chosen by her father. Next, we meet Mrs. S, a late 1920s and early 1930s burlesque performer who takes pride in her work because of the independence it provides, but begins to feel unsafe about her place of work. work. Finally, there’s 1950s housewife Suzy, who to the outside world seems like the “perfect woman” living the perfect life, but soon cracks start to appear. “The show is a dance theater piece,” says Mulkern, who will present the show next week. “The stories of three women are told through movement, soundscape and narration. None of the three characters actually speak – and that’s a statement in itself. It’s a historical work, but at the same time it has modern resonances.

Erica Mulkern to present dance theater performance Suzy Homemaker at Sheffield Festival of the Mind