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Winter Shows Weight Loss in New Dance Video

90 Day Fiancé’s Winter Everett is working hard to achieve her fitness goals. She reveals her weight loss makeover in a new dance video.

Ancient 90 day fiance Franchise cast member Winter Everett showed off her complete weight loss transformation while walking the dance floor. Viewers may be familiar with the young reality star from the spin-off show, The Chantel family, where she appears alongside the rest of the Everett family. Winter is one of the show’s most famous actors, and it’s all because of his sweet attitude and body-positive mindset. Over the past few months, Winter has embarked on the biggest fitness journey of her life after breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, Jah.


As most fans know, Winter weighed over 300 pounds before she started her makeover. After her separation, she began to focus on training and lost a lot of weight through exercise. A little after, The Chantel family The star took inspiration from fellow fitness influencer Kayla Lavende and gained the confidence to undergo gastric sleeve surgery. Since then, Winter has lost over a hundred pounds and continued to exercise and diet. It’s safe to say that the Atlanta native has completely transformed her appearance through hard work and absolute dedication.

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While Chantel’s younger sister has never been shy about sharing body-positive messages, she recently showed off her confidence by hitting the ground running. In her recent Instagram post, Winter shared a TikTok video of herself dancing to a new song by Congolese singer Lu Kala. The 90 day fiance alum captioned the post, “Pretty Girl Era” referring to the title of the song, and danced to the beats with full enthusiasm and energy. The video shows Winter shaking her body in a Zumba class while wearing a white sports bra and blue yoga pants.

The Chantel family The star’s transformed looks and dance moves caught everyone’s attention, including followers and family. One of Winter’s Instagram fans wrote: “You’ve come so far lately years! I’m so happy for you,” adding that it is time for her to shine as she deserves. Another fan commented, “I can’t believe how different you look. And in the Face you and Chantel could be twins. So so happy for you. Looks hot!!!” Winter’s mother, Karen Everett, was also very proud of her daughter’s boldness and complimented her with, “That’s what I’m talking about.”

More 90 days Fiance fans, followers, and cast members adore Winter for her efforts to improve her physical health. She looks extremely healthy right now and just plain full of energy, which is the opposite of Winter’s stress in her relationship with Jah. Besides her looks, Chantel’s little sister seems to be in the best emotional state of her life. Viewers have seen Winter endure a lot of pain over the past three seasons of The Chantel family. However, she is now happy, healthy and ready for anything. 90 day fiance Fans are hoping that Winter will soon find a man who will treat her like his queen and heal the damage her ex-partner has done to her precious heart.

Credit: Winter Everett/TikTok, Winter Everett/Instagram