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Why did Nessa Barrett issue a public apology? Controversy behind dance video explored as TikToker reveals it received ‘thousands of threats’

The Internet has an indelible memory, and Nessa Barrett is one of the latest victims of its archival reach. In a recent TikTok video, the TikToker offered another apology for his past actions, begging people to stop sending him death threats for his “ignorant” TikTok video from 2020.

“I made a terrible mistake when I was 17 and I wish I could take it back more than anything. However, I can’t,” Barrett posted in his recent video.

Nessa Barrett came under fire from all sides online in 2020 when she uploaded a video of herself and a friend dancing in front of a man reciting the Quran, Islam’s holy book. Called out for its offensive content, Barrett deleted the video and later issued an apology. However, it seems that the public still blames him for his past.

A look back at the Nessa Barrett dance video controversy

In April 2020, Barrett, then 17, uploaded the controversial video to her more than 6 million followers and immediately drew attention to her. Barrett, realizing what she had done, immediately took down the video and in a TikTok live stream explained her side of the story and apologized.

She explained that she and her friend were just brainstorming ideas for advanced videos when they came across the video of the man reciting verses from the Quran. Unaware of what the words were, the duo decided to put together a dance video to the sound.

“My in-laws, like my mother-in-law, are from Egypt and all that, so I know it could have been taken offensively. I just want to apologize to anyone who took it that way and was offended. I think – I feel sorry for everyone who practices this religion,” Barrett apologized in a live video.

But people were not happy with his apology. #nessacancelled and other hateful comments remained commonplace in the comment section of her videos. A comment on his video read, “My respect for you is gone,” followed by a falling chart.

Many have called Nessa Barrett’s apology disingenuous. Post that Barrett offered another apology in a TikTok video, making it clear that the video was not from a hateful place and that she regretted the hurt it caused anyone. Barrett added that it was “really hard to deal with” the hate she was receiving.

Based on her recent TikTok video, which addresses the same controversy, it appears the ghosts of Nessa Barrett’s past are still following her. Speaking about the growth she’s made over the past two years, Barrett posted in the video that she’s “educated” herself and is more mature now than the ignorant young girl she was a while ago. two years old.

In what sounded like a dejected tone, Barrett revealed that she was troubled by the threats and the hate she still receives. She reiterated that she regretted her actions and that the video was not malicious. She ended her post by accepting that her apology wasn’t enough and that she’s “trying.”

Barrett’s video, which comes two years after the initial video sparked outrage, has become the face of the ruthless world online. It remains to be seen if this video has any bigger implications for Nessa Barrett’s TikTok journey.

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