Dance performances

Whim W’Him to host surprise dance performances around Seattle

The contemporary dance group is eager to reconnect with the audience, and this time they present the performance to the audience!

SEATTLE – Whim W’Him, a contemporary dance group from Seattle, is finally gearing up for its twelfth season after a long pandemic shutdown. However, this time they kick off by presenting their performances to the audience.

Whim W’Him will stage several “guerrilla style” shows over the next few weeks in thanks to the communities who have supported the group during the closure of local theaters.

“We just sit in a location of our choosing and do a dance that some of our dancers have choreographed,” said contemporary dancer Liane Aung.

Performances will begin at 8 p.m. to capture the late summer sunset.

As local stages were closed, the dancers at Whim W’Him turned to producing dramatic short films featuring elaborate dance routines, however, the group is eager to once again find themselves in front of a live audience for the first time in over a year.

The group warmed up on Seattle Pier 62 against a stunning rainbow and amber sunset. “The crowd was very receptive and they became incredibly quiet as they received it,” Wever said.

Next Wednesday, the group is about to dance at the Seattle Center. The group will be in downtown Bellevue Park the following Thursday and at the AIDS Memorial Trail in Seattle the following Friday.