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Watch: This romantic dance video of Bigg Boss Malayalam haters Robin and Nimisha is not to be missed

Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 had witnessed major brawls between contestants Robin Radhakrishnan and Nimisha. However, they seem to have completely evolved. They were seen as guests on the recent episode of comedy show “Comedy Stars.” Despite being celebrity guests, the duo wowed with one of their dance performances.

In the episode, Robin and Robin danced to a romantic number sung by famed Bigg Boss Vinay. Their crackling chemistry stole the show.

Shortly after the performance, Nimisha said she never knew Robin had such a romantic side.

“I had no idea he was that romantic. But, unfortunately, if I ever fell in love with you, my best friend, Jasmine Moosa, would kill me,” she said.

Here is the video:

Model Nimisha was one of the popular contestants in Bigg Boss Malayalam 4. Her brilliant acting and bond with inmate Jasmine was well-loved by fans.

On the other hand, Robin Radhakrishnan was one of the most serious suitors in Bigg Boss Malayalam 4. However, he was kicked out of the show for allegedly punching inmate Riyas during the weekly task. Initially, the contestant was sent to the secret room, but later host Mohanlal said he was “not fit to continue” in the game. Robin enjoys huge popularity on social media.