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Watch the video that made Haryanvi RC dancer popular

RC Upadhyay Dance Video: Haryanvi RC Upadhyay dancer has many fans. A large crowd gathers to see her dance on stage. At the same time, her dance videos are also seen a lot on YouTube. Many Haryanvi songs often become trends on YouTube. The performers who dance in the videos of these songs win the hearts of the audience. One of those Haryanvi songs is seen a lot these days.

viral video

From social media to YouTube video of RC Upadhyay’s sizzling dance moves is going viral. At the start of the video, RC Upadhyay is seen doing her dance moves. But in no time, a spectator placed in front begins to copy it. After a while, the eyes of the dancer land on this spectator and the competition begins between the two. Watch this video

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Light up the scene

Its popularity is also very high. RC Upadhyay will remind you of Sapna Chaudhary’s stage dance. Like Sapna Chaudhary, RC Upadhyay’s dance videos are also going viral on social media. RC Upadhyay sets the stage on fire with his bold acts. For the uninformed, people are very fond of his videos.

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