Dance performances

WATCH: On Pohela Boishakh, people adorn the streets of West Bengal with dance performances | Cultural News

New Delhi: In West Bengal, people took to the streets to celebrate Pohela Boishakh in large numbers on Thursday, April 15. The festival that marks the Bengali New Year is celebrated on April 14 in Bangladesh and April 15 in India.

On this day, Bengalis greet each other with the warm and traditional greeting – “Shubho Noboborsho” which translates to “Happy New Year”. Pohela means “first” in Bengali and “Boishakh” is the first month of the Bengali calendar.

On Thursday, ANI shared mesmerizing footage of women dressed in red and white sarees in Siliguri, dancing in the streets to welcome the Bengali New Year. They danced happily as the musicians played and others watched.

Watch the celebrations here:

On this day, the children take part in the performing arts and especially sing the songs of Rabindranath Tagore. People make time to visit other people’s homes and spend time with their loved ones.

Women usually dress in red and white sarees and beautiful flower crowns.

Families prepare a traditional dish called panta bhat or poitabhat which is usually paired with a fish curry.