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Valspar executives Sam Burns, Davis Riley have already made the “Birdie Dance” video. And it’s glorious.

From left to right, Davis Riley, Brad Dalke and Sam Burns reveal their “Birdie Dance”.

Now, before you start, keep in mind what they say about rocks and glass houses, and remember there’s probably a video of you there too.

With that …

Davis Riley and Sam Burns are in contention this weekend at the Valspar Championship – Riley finished Saturday with a 54-strike lead, while Burns, the defending champion, was three strokes behind. 25-year-olds also go back a long way.

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“Oh, yeah, I’ve known Davis for years,” Burns said. “We played a band growing up. He’s always been a very, very good player, so it’s fun to see him play well.

“Epic battles between you two?” asked a reporter.

“I’m sure there was somewhere,” he said. “I can’t remember off the top of my head.”

Good …

In 2014, Burns and Riley were teammates on the USA Ryder Cup team. And at one point during the two-day event at Blairgowrie Golf Club in Scotland, the then-teens, along with Brad Dalke, filmed the bird dancetheir point of view on shmoney dance, a two-step movement started by rapper Bobby Shmurda. Golf Channel unearthed the 34-second video on Saturday golf centerwe did the same, and you can watch it below.

From left to right in the video, Riley, Dalke and Burns. For the first 15 seconds, they let go, then they let go; Dalke even pulls out a golf swing. The team had adopted the dance at the event, and after winning the Golf Channel requested a rendition, and the PGA of America filmed another version.

“Now I’m not sure how I feel about this, Cookie, but here’s Davis Riley and Sam Burns at the Junior Ryder Cup,” announcer Anna Whiteley said on Saturday. golf center. “Just kind of break it down. What do you think?”

“Well, they have – I tell you what, they have more courage than me to dance in front of cameras like that,” said analyst John Cook, also a longtime player.

“I feel like that’s the kind of video you kind of record and it haunts you for the rest of your life,” Whiteley said.

“You can’t ignore this,” Cook said.

“It’s good to see these guys being good buddies,” Whiteley said.

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