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Uncles record their wives’ dance performances at a wedding in the cutest way | Tendency

So many young couples can be seen recording each other, while one may be recording a dance for an Instagram reel. But that emotion isn’t age specific at all and this particular Instagram video that went viral of sorts is here to show you. This video which was shared on Instagram on a page named @himaqua, shows the scenes of an Indian wedding. And as expected, a dance performance can be seen taking place on a stage set up for the wedding. This choreographed performance is performed by the “aunties” at the wedding.

“All the uncles in the house with their cameras when the aunts hit the ground,” reads the text inserted into this video. The caption this Instagram video was shared with reads, “Our uncles are still young at heart.” And from these descriptions, it becomes quite clear that the uncles were recording their wives’ dance performances, adorably focused on them.

Watch the video below:

This Instagram video that was shared on June 12 already has 3.8 million views and the numbers are only growing.

“It’s such a beautiful thing, it’s so cute,” one Instagram user commented. “If it’s not my husband, I don’t want him,” posted another. “How romantic, hard to find,” wrote a third.

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