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Top 10 Best K-Pop Music Industry Dance Shows

In recent times, the K-Pop industry, from theater to music, has dominated the whole world and compelled a large number of viewers to indulge in their craft and creations.

K-pop has gained a large number of global audiences in a very short time. Being from South Korea, K-pop provides a bubbly and dazzling vibe in their songs. A traditional fusion dance form influenced by Western and Asian cultures. K-pop idols learn music and dance from an early age, which is why they put on such stage performances. From being extremely flexible with their movements and deeply captivating with their singing abilities, they nailed both aspects.

10. Tomorrow X Together’s ‘Blue Hour’

The very famous group TXT released their extremely well-crafted song “Blue Hour” in 2021. With some exceptional dance moves, this song is extremely well balanced with all the little shades of pink and mauve that are soothing to the eyes. And the mid-song dress change was the highlight of the performance with the long blue jackets they burned on stage with their deep gazes.

9. ‘Wannabe’ by ITZY

The choreography for ‘Wannabe’ went viral because of the catchy fun moves in 2020. The moves were extremely compelling to watch and even more fun to dance to. ITZY’s ladies band upped the ante with their detailed and engaging performances without missing a single beat from the track.

8. “Kick It” by NCT ​​127

Most of NCT 127’s songs have intense and upbeat choreography, and the song ‘Kick It’ released in 2020 is their best. The Boy in Black made the song more compelling; the triangle formation they kind of maintained throughout the song is very unique, plus all the flying kicks and the rappers’ trademark made the song even more intense.

7. “Over and Over” by TWICE

TWICE isn’t known for their dance moves, but they made an exception in the song ‘More & More’. And they nailed the routine on their first attempt. Released in 2020, they offered a unified choreography that largely got the audience dancing along. Lead dancer Momo just dominated the whole performance.

6. ‘Boy’ by Treasure

Treasure debuted in 2021 with this song ‘BOY’ but the singing qualities as well as all the dancing performances have lost nothing in this song. The energy was high and the moves are extremely fun to watch. The oversized clothing and hip-hop accent of the choreography elevated the song to the next level.

5. ‘Wild’ by aespa

The choreography of the song ‘Savage’ by aespa released in 2021, is a treat to watch, from the silver black background and the sequined white dresses worn by the group is very aesthetic. Interacting with the camera is one of the best parts of choreography.

4. “Getting closer” to Seventeen

Seventeen has always delivered unique and indulgent dance performances, but the choreography for “Getting Closer” can be considered by far the best. Each of their thirteen members did exceptionally well in this song. The upbeat aura of this 2019 song is basically their most memorable performance.

3. “The Secret History of the Swan” by IZ*ONE

The dance performance of the song ‘Secret Story of the Swan’ released in 2020 offered an elegant and visually ecstatic performance. The IZ*ONE members in their black and gold robes looked mesmerizing. And the choreography of the song amplifies the aura of the song. The stage was on fire with their performances.

2. BTS’s “Mic Drop”

The most popular K-pop group, BTS, came up with eloquent dance moves in each of their songs. But the cool, laid-back dance to the song ‘MIC DROP’ from their 2017 album ‘Love Yourself: Her’, is one of their signature performances. The way they present themselves on stage is magnetic and they often pull off extremely difficult choreographies.

  1. ‘How You Like That’ by BLACK PINK

BLACKPINK’s 2020 song “How You Like That”, which is heard, seen and admired by the whole world, has the most intriguing dance moves that can be contagious to the audience. BLACKPINK has always offered dances that really happen but this one has eclipsed them all by the exceptional on-stage qualities of the performers.

Having a large audience indulging in their works, they have kept their content extremely lively and energetic. From young students to adults, they have touched every generation with their works and these popularized dance moves are just a part of this engulfing industry. Easy-to-follow dance moves incorporated with challenging and original moves gave audiences performances worth remembering and following. Infusing a rarely used color combination to make their performances more unique and distinguished from any other industry in the world.