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TikTok influencer suffers heart attack on camera while making dance video

Heart attack is a serious medical emergency that is believed to have become rampant in recent times. Although no one ever wants to experience it, there is always a feeling of curiosity about what happens when you suffer a heart attack.

Recently, singer and songwriter Conor Matthews suffered a heart attack while dancing for a TikTok video. And apparently that moment was captured in the video and was later shared by Conor on the internet, LADBible reported.

In the video, Conor, who is in his late twenties, can be seen dancing to the song “The Dance” outside in front of his car. He continues to groove before tripping at the end of the video. At one point, he is seen keeping his hands on the chest which he later learned was a heart attack.

Through the text of the video, Conor wrote that “This is the TikTok I was doing when I had a heart attack.” He further shared that he hadn’t danced to his music in a while and should have been careful of the palpitations at first.

Apparently, when TikTok users learned that Conor had suffered a heart attack, they asked him to share the clip with them. “But I really put my heart into it,” Conor captioned the video.

The clip quickly went viral and amassed over a million views on TikTok. Meanwhile, Conor’s followers were taken aback by the incident and expressed their shock in the comments section. “Bro checked his pulse like he had coded,” one user said. Responding to her, Conor wrote that “it’s a shocking feeling when your heart decides to do its own thing for once.”

While responding to another user who inquired about the cause of the heart attack, Conor wrote that it was “something called supraventricular tachycardia.” He added that doctors did not know what triggered his illness.

Now Conor is said to be recovering and has even made another TikTok video where he is seen singing in good spirits.

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