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This Morning’s Alison Hammond scores the wrong Dermot after sharing hilarious dance video

Alison Hammond was called out by fans after thinking she had tagged This Morning’s Dermot O’Leary when she shared a video of the pair performing on It’s The Hard Knock Life

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Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary dance together

This Morning’s Alison Hammond slipped up when she tagged the wrong Dermot in a video of the pair having fun.

Alison, 47, and co-host Dermot O’Leary, 48, were lip-syncing to Annie’s It’s The Hard Knock Life in their dressing room before showing This Morning.

The pair gave it their all with a passionate routine in which Dermot kept his eyes closed the entire time in focus.

Alison looked stunning in a black t-shirt and leggings and gorgeous shoulder curls.

She excitedly captioned the post, “Are we in harmony??? Well, maybe opposites attract!” See you at 10am @thismorning @dermot.”

They were having fun


She’s always up for a laugh



Thinking she had tagged her pal, the mother-of-one took to the ITV set, but fans were quick to point out she had made reference to the wrong Dermot.

The TV veteran’s Instagram account is @dermotoleary.

One fan joked, “Tagging the wrong dermot. Poor thing won’t know what’s going on.”

Another said: “I think you tagged the wrong dermot.”

The host tagged a random Dermot


While a third concluded that “it must have been the excitement”.

Of course, Alison couldn’t help the misstep as she hosted the Friday show with her boyfriend.

One fan commented, “oh no lol she’s live now she can’t fix it.”

Unfortunately for Alison, she made another blunder while on air.

This Morning fans were scared when Brummie’s cell phone started ringing as a caller opened up during an emotional phone conversation.

Alison was forced to apologize when her phone started ringing as a new mum said she felt unsupported after giving birth to her daughter seven weeks ago.

As agonizing Aunt Deidre offered the caller advice, Alison’s phone started ringing loudly, leaving her flustered as she pulled it out of her pocket, desperately trying to turn it off.

Red-faced and surprised, she said, “I’m so sorry everyone. I am really sorry.”

At the end of the segment, Alison apologized again and Dermot replied, “Don’t worry. It happens,” before jokingly whispering, “Never let that happen again.

This Morning fans were concerned about the incident, tweeting: “Oh Alison! Why didn’t you put your phone on silent? »

Another joked: “I would have thought turning off your phone during the presentation would be a NO BRAINER.”

While a third said: “”Alison and her impeccable timing. His phone ringing is complete alisonism. “

This morning is weekdays on ITV at 10.30am

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