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Teenager allegedly shot and killed while filming TikTok dance video

According to ABC News, a Colorado teenager was shot while filming a TikTok video. Their names have not been released and the evidence points to manslaughter at this point.

Two minors and an adult are facing charges after a teenager was allegedly fatally shot earlier in August, according to ABC News.

Three minors were shooting a TikTok dance video in Monte Vista, a town in southern Colorado. The TikTok movie session was cut short when one of them was allegedly shot with a Glock 19 pistol. ABC reports that it was one of the other minors who was holding the gun at the time. A live bullet hit their teenage friend in the head, resulting in sudden death.

Emiliano Vargas, the adult in question, is accused of providing a firearm to a minor.

Vargas, 21, said he was not at the scene. The police document indicates that the weapon had remained unlocked and visible on the shelf.


The group reportedly filmed TikTok dance videos at the time of the incident.

The other two minors are arrested for manslaughter. This information is all according to ABC News, which obtained it from the Monte Vista Police Department.

There is evidence pointing to the intentional shooting of a man, judging by the trajectory of the gunshot wound during police inspection. Despite the evidence, one of the miners told police ‘it could be an (an) accident’.

In order to protect minors, the names have been kept secret from the public. The TikTok video made before the shooting was also not made public, and many other variables are also kept under wraps. We’ll be sure to update you here as more details emerge.