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Teacher claims she was fired for making TikTok dance video

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A social media user named Jania Ashay recently claimed she was fired from her teaching job after being reprimanded for dancing with her sixth-grade students on TikTok.

Ashay, an ESL teacher, took to TikTok this week to talk about the “traumatic experience”. According to her post, Ashay was fired from her job last year after she recorded a TikTok video dancing to an edited version of Nicki Minaj’s hit song “Beez in the Trap.” The young teacher filmed the innocent lunchtime dance video with her students after they asked her to join them.

“Mistake number one, they weren’t supposed to pull out their phones at lunch, but we were just chilling,” Ashay admitted in the 3 Minutes post.

The following day, the video exploded on the social media platform, gaining over 190,000 views. Ashay said his students were brought into the principal’s office and told to delete the post. Apparently, the principal asked the children “not to tell Ashay why she would be called into the office later”. Initiated reported.

According to Ashay, the manager treated her “like a child” and called her “unprofessional” when she entered the office. The angry school official then took her to human resources, where she was fired on the spot.

“It was a simple little dance, it was for Nicki Minaj, but the edited version,” she explained. “I’m a dancer, I wasn’t moving anything, it was so PG.”

While working at the suburban school, Ashay claimed the principal in question and some staff members exhibited “microaggressions” towards her and other students of color.

TikTok users back Jania Ashay’s frustrating story

Eventually, one of the students who asked her to be in the video apologized for what had happened.

“I’m so sorry about what’s happened,” the student wrote in a letter, according to Ashay’s follow-up post about the ordeal. “I really need you to stay. You always made sure I was okay before I sometimes did; you even made sure I was okay when I should have asked you the same question .

Although Ashay was fired, she was still under contract with the school and could have completed the remaining month and a half of the school year. The former teacher, who now works as a travel consultant, said she had no hard feelings about the crash and was finally happy to be released.

“In conclusion, I’m not even mad at the principal. If you watch this, I’m not even mad at you because you were just doing what needed to be done,” Ashay shared on TikTok. “God was just using you as a vessel to take me to the next level,” she added.

In the comments section, TikTok users rallied around Ashay, questioning why the school punished her so harshly for the dance video.

“It’s crazy because you can go anywhere, and teachers do the exact same things and get applause for it,” one user noted. While another person asked:

“So it’s a problem to participate in a tiktok now? my high school was a creative arts. Ik those upset kids!

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