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Sunita Baby’s Hot Dance Lights Up The Internet, Watch It Here

Haryanvi dance video: Nowadays, Haryanvi dancers are currently causing a stir on social media. There are plenty of dancers on this list, but one name stands out. Sunita Baby, who is currently causing a stir.

The Sunita craze is known to the people of Haryana. Each time, her dance videos go viral on social networks, she rules all hearts.

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Watch Sunita Baby’s hot dance on Ghughat Ki Oth Moi

In this video, Sunita Baby can be seen dancing to the Haryanvi song “Ghughat Ki Oth Me” which has become a trend on social media. The moment Sunita takes the stage, her fans go crazy after seeing her hot dance moves. Take a look at her sizzling dance below.

About the song

This music video is making the rounds on all social media platforms and has received 11,733 views so far. This song is sung by singer Raj Mawar and is uploaded on YouTube channel named Chanda Video.

In this video, Sunita Baby can be seen wearing a multicolored salwar suit and she is extremely pretty in her outfit.

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