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SP contestant Chandrawati Varma’s dance video goes viral, says ‘she’s poorly presented’

Chandrawati Verma, the Samajwadi Party candidate for Rath constituency of Uttar Pradesh Assembly, has become the latest talking point in the city.

A video of Chandrawati Verma dancing to the Bollywood song “Ole Ole” appeared on social media and immediately went viral. She is accompanied by her two friends in the video. The video is widely shared on social media.

Samajwadi Party candidate from Rath constituency, Chandrawati Verma with party leader Akhilesh Yadav.

Speaking about the video, Verma said, “I really like dancing. The video was not stolen, I posted it on social media but the way it is presented is wrong.”

“I want to say thank you, because I’m proud of myself and my talent. My swimming photo has been taken. I was swimming at that time. I thank people because they wrote the next MP on it, ”she added.

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Verma had dreamed of becoming a politician and social worker since childhood and, when asked about the development of Bundelkhand, said: “Bundelkhand is being left behind everywhere. There are no roads or schools. I also want to work for sport. Our field also deals with equipment and training issues and I will work with that”.

The Samajwadi party gave a rally ticket to Chandrawati Varma from the Rath headquarters of Hamirpur district in Uttar Pradesh. The party denied the opportunity to its incumbent Gayadin Anuragi to vacate the seat.

Earlier, when Congress released its first slate of 125 candidates for Assembly elections, bikini photos of beauty pageant winner Archana Gautam, who joined Congress in November 2021, went viral on social networks. social networks.

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