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Sonali Phogat’s viral dance video surfaces after her death

The death of party leader Bharatiya Janata and actor Sonali Phogat brought a new twist when post-mortem results came out. According to reports, the autopsy mentions that the body had multiple blunt wounds. Goa Police opened a murder case as a result. An old video of her dancing rather awkwardly with her assistants has surfaced.

Sonali Phogat is from Haryana and married Sanjay Phogat at an early age. They have a daughter named Yashodhara. Sanjay Phogat died in 2016 under mysterious circumstances. Sonali Phogat joined the BJP in 2008 and participated in the elections. Phogat starred in a movie called Maternity in 2019. Phogat’s social media presence was quite dominant as she was a well-known TikTok star who uploaded videos of herself dancing to popular songs. In 2020, Phogat took part in the popular TV show leader.

On August 22, 2022, Sonali Phogat was pronounced dead when she was rushed to St Anthony’s Hospital at Anjuna in North Goa. She reportedly started to feel uncomfortable while eating at a restaurant with her personal assistants Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Wasi. According to reports, the cause of his death was initially believed to be a heart attack. But her family accused her personal assistants of foul play as her sister asked CBI to investigate her death. “My sister can’t have a heart attack. She was in great shape. We demand a proper investigation by CBI. My family is not ready to accept that she died of a heart attack. She had no such medical problem,” one of her sisters named Rupesh told ANI.

Viral dance video of Sonali Phogat with her assistants

An old video by Sonali Phogat has surfaced where she can be seen dancing with her APs. But Phogat looks uncomfortable as the two men try to dance with her. One of the men in the video held her tightly as she continued to pull away and pull her hands away.

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According to reports, Rinku Dhaka, the brother of Sonali Phogat filed a complaint against the two men before this video surfaced. He told the media that Phogat spoke to them shortly before her death and that her brother pointed out that she seemed upset on the call and complained about her colleagues.

According to reports by ANI, the BJP leader’s last rites will be performed today at his home in Hisar, Haryana.