Dance video

Shahid Kapoor reacts to old construction worker dance video

The image shows the performance of the construction worker with MJ’s signature “moonwalk”

Social media is a universe unto itself and content once posted there keeps reappearing to delight users. There are many talented people in the world – teachers, officers and construction workers – who like to show the world what they are capable of. It also gives them a chance to break the monotony of their work.

A video of a construction worker showing off his fabulous dance moves has surfaced on social media again. The man is seen doing Michael Jackson-esque moves in front of his friends.

With a stick in hand, the construction worker begins his performance with MJ’s signature “moonwalk,” then quickly converts his performance into a limbo dance position. Thanks to its amazing flexibility, the worker drops completely to the ground and then quickly straightens up, giving the impression that he is leaning on the stick.

This time, the video was shared on Twitter by a user named Ajay Raturi and amassed around 35,000 views within hours. The 57-second footage has also stunned social media users in the past and is believed to have been shot in Hubei, China.

Actor Shahid Kapoor is one of those Twitter users blown away by the young man’s performance. “So good. The talent will always shine. Can’t put it down. Brilliant. So inspiring,” he tweeted.

Another user said, “Talent at the next level”. Impressed by the dance moves, some users even posted fire emojis.

Last week, a video of a middle-aged man dancing to a famous song by Prabhu Deva took the internet by storm. It showed the man matching the famed choreographer and dancer’s steps to a song from the 1993 film “Gentleman.”

Dressed in a shirt and a lungi, the man killed the dance steps in the street. He even perfectly moonwalked under the gaze of his two friends with their arms crossed.

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