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Pragati Guruprasad Of Super Singer Junior Fame Shares Adorable Dance Video With Her Mom

Super Singer Junior, which airs on Star Vijay, continues to cater to the needs of Tamil households and has given the industry gifted and talented playback singers. The show attracts many children from across the state. They then go through a rigorous, multi-level selection process to enter the competition.

Many contestants, who were part of the show years ago, still hold a special place in the hearts of the audience. If you followed the show, you will surely remember Pragati Guruprasad, who participated in the show in 2012 and came second. The Singapore-born Tamil-American playback singer stole our hearts at the age of 14 with her mesmerizing performances.

The singer has now posted a video that shows her mother is as much an artist and sportswoman as she is. Pragati’s recent post, which got a lot of attention, has her dancing with her mom to TikTok’s famous remixed version of the track Automotivo Extradimensional.

Pragati’s mother is seen easily following her daughter with her movements while wearing a Dowser shirt. Pragati captioned the video, “My Superstar Momma”

Shared four days ago, the post has over 20,000 likes and is filled with comments about the beauty of the two. One comment read: ‘Your mum is the coolest’, while another said: ‘It’s so slick’. Yet another comment read, “It made my day.”

Pragati, who learned Carnatic music from the age of five, sang the popular Tamil poetry Sangam Yayum Ngayum for composer Rajan Somasundaram’s album Sandham: Symphony Meets Classical Tamil, which in July 2020 charted in the Top 10 international music albums from Amazon. In 2020, she also made an appearance in a small role in the American comedy-drama Never Have I Ever.

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