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NFL player brings young fan to father-daughter dance (VIDEO)

By Marie Rossiter

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February 10, 2022

Anthony Harris of the Philadelphia Eagles not only drove to town to take Audrey to prom, but also gave her the “dress of her dreams.”

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”

It might be a famous saying from a Disney classic, but a young girl has realized her own Cinderella story thanks to a kind-hearted prince who plays in the NFL.

Audrey Soape, an 11-year-old girl from Texas, has already suffered a lot of loss in her young life. In 2021, her father and grandfather passed away unexpectedly. Trying to recover from tragedies like this is not easy for anyone. So when Audrey’s church announced they were having a father-daughter dance, the daughter’s pain felt fresh as she thought about what could have been.

But Audrey’s mother, Holly Soape, did her best to impersonate a fairy godmother to see if her princess could still go to the ball. Instead of another man in her family, Soape aimed high and reached out to Audrey’s favorite football player, Philadelphia Eagles free safety Anthony Harris. She knew her request was a big one, but the caring mother reached out to Harris on social media anyway.

“I just asked him if he would agree to come,” Soape told ABC News. “And he said, ‘Not only will I come, but I want to make sure she feels like a princess.'”

And Harris worked a lot of magic, as the photos on Soape’s Facebook page show.

According to Soape’s post, Harris not only promised to drive into town to take Audrey to prom, but he also gave her the “dress of her dreams”, arranged for her to do her hair and makeup in professional manner, and asked for a car to pick her up. for his appointments. Afterwards, he arrived at their house to escort Audrey to prom, where they apparently had a blast.

Harris played down his actions to WCAU-TV in Philadelphia during an interview after his generosity was exposed.

“[I’m] I’m just trying to be human,” Harris said. “Trying to take the helmet off, trying to take the cape off of what I do professionally and just showing sympathy for this family and trying to show support there -low.”

The story quickly went viral as people were touched by the act of kindness of a superstar athlete seeking to help heal a little girl’s broken heart. You can see a report from ABC’s “World News Tonight” below.

In their numerous media interviews since the story broke, Audrey and her mother couldn’t say enough nice things for the hard-hitting sweetheart who stepped in to make dancing one of the best nights of daughter’s life.

“It was truly an unforgettable evening, and I don’t think I will fully remember it,” Holly Soape shared on Facebook. “I am so grateful to have people around me who step in and love us through the difficult valleys we have been through. God has shown himself great and brought people into our lives who have lifted us up and walked to our sides. I just can’t express it all. What an unforgettable night that will remain etched in our minds forever.

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