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Neelam Giri’s Hot Dance Sets The Internet On Fire, Watch The Video

Bhojpuri Hot video: Famous Bhojpuri actress Neelam Giri always grabs headlines for her sexy dance moves. Neelam’s dance to the song “Garaiya Machhari” has recently gone viral and caught the attention of her fans. She fascinates her audience with her killer and hot dance moves.

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Watch Neelam Giri’s hot dance to the song ‘Garaiya Machhari’

No doubt Neelam Giri is a fabulous dancer and her fans love her so much, whenever this dancing queen takes the stage, people go crazy for her. Her dancing to ‘Garaiya Machhari’ catches her fans’ attention and people get out of control.

About the song

The music video “Garaiya Machhari” was filmed on Neelam Giri and the artists featured in this music video are Neelam Giri, Ravi Pandit and Pallavi Giri. Seeing Neelam’s warmth in the song, people go crazy for her. So far, the song has gained over 143,947,188 views.

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