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Mohanlal’s Best Classical Dance Performances in Malayalam Movies You Can’t Miss; See

Mohanlal is a famous Malayalam actor who has worked in a variety of films, across different genres. He is not only famous for his versatility and passion, but also for his ability to dance to the music like a well-trained dancer. In some of his films, the actor is seen performing difficult ballet routines that require a lot of energy and sharpness. Take a look at some of his best classic pieces to date.

Mohanlal’s Classical Dance Routines

1. Rajashilpi

In the movie Rajashilpi, Mohanlal can be seen performing Lord Shiva’s Nataraja Nrithyam, which is a difficult dance form for an untrained dancer. In a sequence from the film, Mohanlal can be seen dancing against a hazy background while wearing a piece of orange cloth. He is also speckled with long hair and a beard, which is a necessary part of his character in the film. In Rajashilpi, Mohanlal plays the role of a famous sculptor Shambu, who has a unique approach to life. Watch her dance video here.

2. Kamaladalam

The film Kamaladalam released in 1992 and was a big hit with audiences. According to the plot of this film, Mohanlal plays the role of Nandagopalan, who is a trained dance teacher by profession. His life takes a 180 degree turn when his wife commits suicide, leaving him heartbroken and depressed. The movie has a sequence where Mohanlal performs an entire dance routine on stage and this scene was a huge hit among the fans. For this scene, Mohanlal was highly praised for pulling off the mudras and expressions, even without being a trained dancer. Watch the video here.

3. Vanaprastham

Vanaprastham is a 1999 film that received rave reviews from audiences upon its release. In part of this film, Mohanlal plays the role of a man named Kunhikuttan, who earns his living through Kathakali dance, which is a traditional dance of Kerala. In this film, Mohanlal can be seen performing Kathakali with a few other co-stars on stage while an audience watches the live performance. Mohanlal can be seen nailing expressions and footsteps, while the female lead, actress Suhasini Maniratnam, follows him from the crowd. Watch the video here.


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