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As part of the competition, he signed up to compete with a digital entry, was selected for the North Zone Finals, placed in the top 4 (and even won the Zone Finals), for qualify for India’s top 16 competing at the National Finals.

There he beat stiff competition in front of a live audience who found him the best. And it’s this aspect of the championship – the fact that the public votes to decide the winner instead of individual judges – that has excited Mr. Pop.korn the most about participation.
Now he will represent India at the Red Bull Dance Your Style 2022 World Finals in South Africa alongside Indian winner 2021 Nepo.

As he prepares for the world final, the popper – originally from Jaipur and now plying his trade in Delhi – reveals how he plans to take on new challenges.

Mr. Pop.korn

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How did it feel to win Red Bull Dance Your Style India and what does this victory mean to you?

It was amazing. Victories always come with a sense of accomplishment and congratulatory texts from everyone. But what really mattered to me after winning Red Bull Dance Your Style India was now being able to represent India. I think it’s a really good opportunity for me to step up and show the world what I can do.

How do you think this win will impact your career?

I have the impression that new doors will open for me since I will leave the country. I’m going to fight people I’ve only watched on video so far. The whole world is going to be watching me now and I think it will be an amazing experience.

What’s the story behind your glowing name?

It is an abbreviation. I used to hide it earlier, but I think people should know that now, because I’m going to represent the country. When I started doing pop, someone called me pop.korn, and it stuck. Later I gave it a full form – Popping Knight of a Radiant Nation. The shining nation is India, of course.

Mr Pop.korn, the Indian champion of Red Bull Dance Your Style 2022

Mr Pop.korn at the Red Bull Dance Your Style 2022 Indian Final

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What is your favorite thing about the competition format of Red Bull Dance Your Style?

My favorite thing about Red Bull Dance Your Style is that you have to win hearts as a dancer. There is no spirit or judge to impress. You have to perform for the live audience and win all their hearts. Other than that, I love that they play music that the audience can actually connect with. In the battles, we mainly play beat-based underground music, which is not accessible to everyone. But in Red Bull Dance Your Style, the song choices ensure that all viewers enjoy what they hear and see. And if the public is having fun, it makes us want to go further as artists.

How are you preparing for the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final?

Outside of my training, I am determined to make lifestyle changes. I try to sleep on time, eat on time, and stay hydrated and fit. I want to focus on my mind as much as my body, so I try to stay away from mental challenges. I still train twice a day and also teach, but I also try to focus on the mental aspect and improve my lifestyle a bit, so that I can perform to my full potential.

Mr Pop.korn, the Indian champion of Red Bull Dance Your Style 2022

Mr Pop.korn after winning the North Zone Finals

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Are you planning any new moves or routines for the world stage?

I try not to pre-decide my dance moves since it’s freestyle. But I continue to explore new things every day when I freestyle – it comes naturally. I don’t want to focus on the moves, but everyone will see a better, newer version of me at the World Finals.

Goals or targets for the World Final?

My goal is to clear the last chance number so I can make it to the World Finals.

Are you looking forward to meeting one of the international dancers?

I would really like to meet Alex The Cage. I love how calm and progressive he is while he dances. He’s a very complex dancer – like an onion; you have to peel back its layers to see what’s underneath.

How do you think your style will evolve after seeing all these new dancers?

I think this will have a huge impact on my style, because that’s how personal styles work. You meet new people, live new experiences and your style gains in finesse thanks to that.

Mr Pop.korn, the Indian champion of Red Bull Dance Your Style 2022

Mr Pop.korn at the Red Bull Dance Your Style 2022 Indian Final

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Is this your first trip to South Africa? Have you planned any tourist or cultural visits?

This is my first international trip! I would really like to study the African people and understand their roots. This community gave us hip-hop culture, so there’s a lot to study there. I would also like to explore Johannesburg, and if I have time, maybe even Cape Town.

What are some of the goals you have set for yourself in the future to come?

There are different goals and different aspects that I want to work on. But the ultimate goal is to always be a better version of myself – physically, mentally, and spiritually. I also work to be financially stable so I can take care of my family.