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Helmed by Collector Chess Dance Video Does All the Right Moves

Pudukottai District Administration introduces the main features of the game in the short clip

Pudukottai District Administration introduces the main features of the game in the short clip

A video of a chess dance, released by the Pudukottai district administration to mark the 44th FIDE Chess Olympiad which was inaugurated in Chennai on Thursday, has gone viral and received rave reviews from the public.

Chaturangam – A representation of the dance is a three minute and 48 second video that showcases the game of chess through Tamil Nadu folk art forms such as ‘Therukkoothu’ and ‘Poi-kaal kuthirai’ and martial arts like ‘Malyutham’ and ‘Silambam in addition to the classical Bharatanatyam dance.

Led by Pudukottai collector Kavitha Ramu, a trained classical dancer, the video featuring salient chess moves garnered thousands of views and was also posted by Chief Minister MK Stalin on his official social media shortly before the launch of the Olympiad.

“Chess like kings, pawns and rooks lend themselves beautifully to folk and martial arts, while powerful queens can be portrayed beautifully through classical dance. As a dancer myself, I thought this would be the best way to visually impact the game and bring certain characters to life, while showing the world our art forms,” Ms. Ramu said. . The Hindu.

The staging is set to lively background music that makes ballet performances more impressive than traditional choreography.

The video was shot at Prasad Studio in Chennai on July 20, featuring artists drawn from a talent pool across the state. The filming was funded by corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds from a number of companies, the official said.

Priyadarshini, an alumnus of Pudukottai School of Music, plays the Black Queen, and the White Queen is performed by Sahana, a professional dancer and frequent collaborator of Ms. Ramu. Trained classical dancers Srinivas and Manikandan play the white and black kings respectively.

For other characters, “Therukkoothu” players were selected from Purusai Duraisamy Kannappa Thambiran Paramparai Therukkoothu Mandram artists in Kancheepuram district and Poi-kaal Kuthirai artists from MPR Folk Arts Development Center. Silambam’s cast of eight male artists and eight female artists are part of Murugakani Asan’s troupe in Thiruvallur district.

Ms. Ramu said she was delighted with the positive feedback. “I have received many appreciation calls from friends and supporters since the release. It is a great honor for me and for all the artists involved in the project, for Chaturangam to have been shared on the Chief Minister’s official social media,” she said.