Dance performances

Government slammed for ‘reprehensible’ dance performances at August 14 event

The Pakistani government is receiving criticism after “objectionable” videos of dance performances from the August 14 event at the Islamabad Convention Center were released on Sunday.

Several small videos of the annual show organized by the government of Pakistan every year on August 14 have been shared by netizens on social networks. The videos show performers dancing to upbeat music in brightly colored dresses. Female dancers were seen wearing tight dresses, dancing and running on the floor from one end of the stage to the other. The performances were reprehensible, chaotic and lacked consistency according to netizens.

Around 20 social media users mocked the government for hosting a funky dance performance on August 14. While criticizing the government, Twitter users said the August 14 celebration celebration and flag-raising ceremony was always a decent show with meaningful meaning and content highlighting history and struggle. for the independence of Pakistan.

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Twitter users condemned the government for ruining the sanctity of the event with “cheap” performances. Some netizens called the event a “wedding party.” Twitter users even questioned the choice of songs played at the event the dancers performed at. Users said they were unable to understand the message behind the celebration and performance during the flag hoisting ceremony in Pakistan. Netizens have said that the current government is undermining Pakistan’s national values.

Journalist Ansar Abbasi expressed regret over the event. In his tweet on Monday, he said, “Previously national anthems were sung on Independence Day, this time the current government has taken Pakistan to new heights of ‘development’ by starting the official level. #افسوس_صد_افسوس.

People condemned Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb and Prime Minister’s special assistant Fahad Hussain. The government has yet to respond to online criticism.