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Girls Fight During DJ Road Show Dance Viral Trending Video

Girl fight video: We have often seen a video of two groups of boys being attacked on social media going viral. However, a video has surfaced on the internet that will leave you a little surprised. Yes, suddenly some girls bump into each other on the road. As you can hear the music from the DJ in the background. Meanwhile, the girls grab their hair and start shooting. To stop the quarrel, some people came to the rescue, but the girls didn’t even see them and continued to fight each other. Seeing the video that went viral, people couldn’t figure out what the reason for the feud was.Video of Girls Going Fiercely ViralThese days, a video is going fiercely viral on the internet, in which girls are seen fighting each other. This video is narrated from Bishrampur area located in Surajpur district of Chhattisgarh. It is not yet known what happened to the fight of these girls. However, after local people intervened, all the girls calmed down and the fight the video-

The girls fight between the voice of the DJMeanwhile, a video was made by locals which was shared on all social media platforms. This is said to be the first video of a girl fight in the neighborhood, due to which this video has become a talking point in the neighborhood. At this time, Zee Media does not confirm this video.