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Fugitive puts his dance video online, on the police network | Jaipur News

JAIPUR: Police in Jaipur had almost lost track of a notorious 33-year-old criminal until he uploaded a video of him dancing to the latest Bollywood hits at a club in Gurgaon.
PCA (Vaishali Nagar), Alok Kumar Saini said on Tuesday that a team from Chitrakoot Police Station had arrested Sandeep Choudharyhailing from Sikar district after week-long efforts in different towns.
“The accused had uploaded a WhatsApp status recently. The status had a short video in which he could be seen dancing in a club. We paused the video to verify the name of the club and sent a team to chase him there- down,” Saini said.
The police team arrested Choudhary as he was about to leave for Najafgarh. “The accused has a relative Najafgarh and was planning to go there after visiting a club,” Saini added.
Police said Choudhary was involved in multiple offences. On June 4, an FIR was registered against him after he allegedly misbehaved with some girls near Chitrakoot Stadium.
“Another FIR has been filed against him for extortion,” Saini said, adding that police teams had placed him under close surveillance.
The accused had turned off his cell phone, but he frequently used Wireless connections to download their WhatsApp status. Once he tried to mislead the cops by uploading a photo of the miniature paintings inside a mall in Gurgaon, he wrote a caption under the miniature painting that he was based in Dubai.
Police teams were confused about his whereabouts until his WhatsApp status appeared on their screens.


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