Dance video

Eric Omondi’s Character Divalicious Appears in Dance Video Wearing Women’s Bodysuit

The video received mixed reactions, with some people saying he went too far while others praised his creativity.

Divalicious, the name Omondi gave to his female character, danced alongside two dancers as the comedian sang a parody version of Beyoncé Single ladies (Put a ring on it).

The clip posted by Omondi appears to have been sponsored by a cosmetics company.

teddy_tz123 😂😂😂😂 Gay gay gay Eric hawa watu wamekulipa pesa ngapi 🙈

mamou_baraza Enyewe hii pesa haipatikani kwa urahisi. My eyes

jasperaquez Kenya kila mtu yuko na degree yake ya uwazimu.😂😂😂🔥

jojigeorge04 yo you need some serious therapy it’s not funny anymore 🤢🤮🤮🤮

asakaeugene account Fungua ingine ya Divalicious😂😂😂

Over the past few weeks, Eric Omondi has lit up the internet with perfect cross dressing videos interviewing other Kenyan celebrities.

In some countries, cross-dressing is highly accepted and raises no alarm, but in Kenya, male celebrities who cross-dress receive backlash, with many feeling uncomfortable with the trend.

People cross-dress either as a form of self-expression, art, culture, entertainment, or for other reasons. The actors also cross-dress to embody certain characters.

Other Kenyan celebrities known for cross-dressing include Kinuthia, Flaqo, Dennis Karuri, Shaniqwa, Crazy Kennar, Peter Nyong’o Junior, Chimano, MCA Tricky, Njugush, Terence Creative (Kamami), George Kimani and George Kagwe.