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Scrolling through social media and coming across too many synchronized dance performances showing the steps of the bride or groom during a wedding ceremony? Recently one of those videos from a wedding – where the father of the bride can be seen singing killer moves to the song Oo Antava (of Pushpa: the ascent movie) – broke the internet. Well how can Delhiites be behind and not catch up with this trending wagon. It just so happens that a majority of ladkiwale or ladkewale are flooding the choreographers in town to teach them dance moves that could become the next viral reel!

‘Inka viral hogaya, toh kya humara bhi viral ho payega?’

“Most of the queries we get make this request,” says Rohini-based Team India Choreographers’ Vikash Sharma, adding, “They don’t know ki woh viral hoga ya nahi, per har potential client ke sath conversation mein yeh query zaroor aati hai. They ask ki ‘Inka video viral hogaya, toh kya humara bhi viral ho payega? In the digital age, it’s no surprise that people getting married today also want to potentially go viral and be a source inspiration for others who are getting married.

Most families who have a wedding want a dance routine that has the potential to go viral. (Photo: Shutterstock (for representation purposes only))

“We launched the entrance to marriage trend with 80 dancers”

In line with the widespread statement that #viralvideo is trending, Ashish Mathur from Aasma Dance Company in Malviya Nagar says, “Aajkal 90% family chahti hai ki woh viral ho jaye. They ask for a choreography that gives them a digital platform and allows them to inspire other people to say, “Humein bhi aisa wala dance ya entry karwao”.

Mathur choreographed for singer-songwriter Millind Gaba and YouTube comedian Pria Beniwal’s wedding earlier this year. He proudly states, “Entrance Unki and sangeet bhi kafi viral ho gaya tha… We are kind of a pioneer since we were the pioneers in starting the trend of choreographed wedding entrances. Humne 2016 mein sabse pehle 80 dancers ke sath ek wedding entry karwayi thi to Umrao! Waha se woh viral trend hona shuru hogaya.

The number of viral choreographies counts in the portfolio

As there is almost a new viral video every day, wedding choreographers in Delhi are getting more and more requests to choreograph sangeet dances which will make them go viral on the internet. Manpreet Singh Kambo of MS Wedding Choreography in Tilak Nagar shares, “Mere choreographer kiye hue teen se chaar videos hain, of couples from Delhi, jo viral ho gaye hain.” He now proudly shows them whenever the bride and groom or their families ask to verify credentials while confirming them aboard their wedding shenanigans.

Expenses for the wedding preparations, including the dance!

Many couples are jumping on the viral bandwagon, who can’t help but want to have choreography that leaves a lasting impression and is a memory to treasure. Take, for example, Itishree Verma, a recently married marketing professional who recalls, “Because I’m very picky about what I want, I was naturally pretty specific about my wedding choreography too. Although I’m a private person, I can’t deny that I was actually inspired by some trending line dance videos. Then I thought, spending so much on wedding preparations, why want it as a casual affair and not something to be remembered? That’s why I also asked a wedding choreographer to teach us the moves. Although her footsteps didn’t break the internet, but left her with sweet memories to cherish forever.

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