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Dick Van Dyke Shows Wife Dance Video Messages: VIDEO – SheKnows

When you think back to your 90s, you think you won’t be as active as when you were younger – but legendary actor Dick Van Dyke throws that assumption out the window with a surprise dance video.

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On Feb. 16, Van Dyke shocked the world with a surprise dancing and singing video on his Instagram with his wife of 10 years, Arlene Silver. He posted it with the caption “‘Everyone loves a love'” Arlene & the Vantastix with Dick Van Dyke & Tony Guerrero @tonyguerreroquintet. Directed by my forever Valentine @bijoubox.

He added a series of thanks saying, “Shot on location at @fallen_fruit Los Angeles SUPERSHOW @austinyoungforever @david.allen.burns The Vantastix are Eric Bradley, Bryan Chadima and Mike Mendyke @ericsings, Makeup @jessdoesmymakeup, Hair @sarahtiana, Still photography @alauradesign, special thanks to Tim Janis and Elizabeth Deemer @timjaniscelticheart.

You can watch the video HERE.

In the video, your heart will melt with how touching every aspect is. We start by seeing the Vantastix trio, with Silver dancing and singing the song. Then we pan to Van Dyke, singing along, followed by a simple dance number in between. You can honestly feel the love emanating through the video as you watch them serenade each other. As a bonus, Van Dyke paid a few tributes to his hit show, The Dick Van Dyke Show to his longtime fans.

Everyone freaked out not just about how beautiful this video is and how adorable the couple is, but how much Van Dyke is dancing at 96. He sings, dances and still makes us laugh at 96 – and that’s why we love him.

According to The Famous People, Van Dyke was immediately drawn to Silver, naming her as his makeup artist. After six years together, they tied the knot in 2012, which he calls “one of the smartest moves he’s ever made.” Despite their 46-year age difference which angers some people, they are happily dancing and loving each other more than a decade later.

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