Dance performances

Dance performances in the middle of nature deploying serenity

Rabindra Sangeet, more commonly known as Tagore Songs as the name suggests are the songs written by the Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. With a collection of over 2000 songs, Tagore has maintained his position in society not only as a writer but also as a lyricist. His depth of writing, with intense themes, made everyone deeply amazed. Apart from the mesmerizing flow of the lyrics, the music of his songs has been heavily influenced by Indian classical music, folk, as well as international music. The perfect balance between poetry and musicality in Rabindra Sangeet makes all other music dull in its presence. Tagore immortalized himself with his passionate art. Here are some equally touching dance covers on Rabindra Sangeet, reminding everyone of the liveliness and vigor of Indian culture and dances.

Monomor Meghero Sangi – Bidipta Sharma

Bidipta Sharma performs a moving dance to the song “Monomor Meghero Sangi” and exudes perfection and grace with every step of her. She adds her own mesmerizing trance to the song, which is already so absorbing and thrilling. Adorned with a blue saree, with pleasing expressions, the dance cover successfully delivers a splendid performance, wanting more. Rabindra Sangeet is surely empty without her dancers.

Credits – YouTube Bidipta Sharma

Jagorane Jay Bibhabori – Sharmistha

Another magnificent performance by Rabindra Nritya is that of Sharmistha. The dance performance is full of elegance and lively steps, which punctuate every beat of the song, Jagorane Jay Bibhabori. Sharmistha justifies the performance with her beautiful red outfit, which makes the whole performance even more resplendent. The end of the dance blanket is sure to be everyone’s favorite part, as the ending dance steps, along with her expressions, add a final beautiful dance move, which complements the song’s lyrics and deep music.

Credits – YouTube Dance with Sharmistha

Bhalobeshe Shokhi Nibhrite – Payel

Payel and Dwaipayan perform a very beautiful and composed dance cover to the song, Bhalobeshe Shokhi Nibhrite. The duo, with each elegant and poised dance step, enhances the charm of the song. What is most striking in this performance is that the dance duo also highlights the culture and traditions of India. The wedding ceremony, the surrounding architect, the attires, all encompass the country’s unique sculpture.

Credits – YouTube Dance with Payel

Bhenge More Ghorer – Nritya Chandraja

Namrat Chakraborty and Chandraja Guha unite to give an energetic, resplendent and vigorous dance cover. Choreographed by Chandraja, the dance cover exudes Chandraja’s dancing skills. In keeping with the rhythms of the songs, the dancers are sure to enjoy every moment of this performance. Accompanied by perfect expressions, Namrat and Chandraja remind us of the wholesomeness of a dance cover. Moreover, with the synchronization and coordination in which two are, the dance becomes even more distinguished and effortless.

Credits – YouTube Nritya Chandraja