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Dance artist interviews black officers on security through new ‘inCOPnegro: Black & Blue’ podcast

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March 29, 2022 10:00 a.m. EDT

AKRON, Ohio, March 29, 2022 ( –
Dominic Moore Dunson launches its very first podcast, in COPnegro: Black & Blue, an interview-style podcast exploring the concept of “safety” through the lens of storytelling, parenthood, and police relations in black communities across America. As a graduate of Futuro Media’s Podcast Lab, Dominic is thrilled to announce the release of this work on April 5th.

inCOPnègre: black and bluethe companion of the dance-theatre project inCOPnegro: Consequencesaims to peel back the stories of individuals on both sides of the “thin blue line” as Dominic, a new black father, seeks to answer the question, “How am I supposed to tell my kids about the police?”

“As a 31-year-old black male, I’ve been stopped by police no less than 45 times in my life,” Moore-Dunson says. “After the death of George Floyd in 2020, as a father-to-be, I realized for the first time that I didn’t just have to worry about my own safety, but that of my unborn son. I started reaching out to my network asking black parents, “How do you teach your kids about the police?”, and the overwhelming response was, “You’re just teaching them to go home.” And then I got curious: what if I was talking to black cops? And when I called, they answered.

Today Dominic is excited to release season 1 of inCOPnègre: black and blue season 2 is scheduled to release in 2023. Over the past nine months, he has interviewed black officers, black parents and civic leaders throughout Ohio and across the country, starting with the same prompt “What does security mean to you? “

inCOPnègre: black and blue released April 5, 2022, on Simplecast, Spotify and Apple Podcasts and new episodes drop every Tuesday through April. To learn more about the entire project or schedule a time to speak directly with Dominic, visit

The development of inCOPnegro: Consequences is made possible in part by NCCAkron with additional support from Akron Reimagining the Civic Commons, Akron Community Foundation, and Akron Soul Train.

You can support and follow the realization of this project by visiting

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About the artist: Dominic Moore Dunson is an award-winning choreographer, professional dancer, producer, teaching artist and speaker. A 2021 National Dance Project Production Grant Top 40 finalist for his work inCOPnegro, Dominic has received numerous accolades as a choreographer, including 2021 Associate Artist at Atlantic Center for the Arts #180 with Doug Varone, 2019 Cleveland Arts Prize’s Emerging Artist Award for Theater and Dance, and 2019 member of the Ann & Weston Hicks Choreography Program at Jacob’s Pillow. Moore-Dunson is a Creative Research Artist-in-Residence and Creative Administration Fellow at the University of Akron’s National Center for Choreography.

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Source: Dominic Moore-Dunson, dancer