Dance video

CTU dance video: CPS dance teachers call for a ‘safe return or no return’ in video posted to CTU’s Facebook page

Six Chicago Public School dance teachers voiced concerns about safety through dancing in a video posted online last week by the Chicago Teachers Union, but the effort received backlash after several conservative websites linked to it.

In the video, teachers perform dances they choreographed themselves to communicate their safety concerns surrounding the CPS’s decision to reopen elementary schools to in-person classes on Monday. Five teachers perform inside while another dances outside on what appears to be a metal ramp leading down to a frozen lake. Some teachers danced with their children. The video ends with the plea: “Safe return…or no return”.

“They all stand in solidarity with educators at risk, because no one should have to choose between their livelihood and their life,” the Facebook post read.

The video was posted on the union’s Facebook page last Saturday. It began to receive backlash when sites like Fox News and The Daily Wire ran stories about it on Wednesday.

Fox called the video “weird” and said it received “a lot of teasing on Tuesday.”

Some Facebook users commenting on the video also mocked her and told teachers to “do your job”. One said: “Wow, this country is doomed if we depend on it to educate our children.”

CPS and CTU are still negotiating a deal to bring back about 62,000 K-8 students and 10,000 teachers for in-person learning on Monday. In-person classes have been canceled through Friday for about 3,200 pre-kindergarten and special education students, while CTU teachers collectively refuse to work in classrooms until an agreement is reached. be concluded.

Contributor: Stefano Esposito