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Choreographer Usha Jey merges cultural boundaries with her hybrid dance video Bharatnatyam

Usha Jeys’ Newest Dance Video Combines Hip-Hop With Bharatanatyam

Fusion dances, especially Indo-Western ones, are entertaining to watch. In one such video, three dancers wearing green sarees with waist-length braids and white jasmine flowers tucked into their hair can be seen dancing to American rapper Lil Wayne’s song. Uproar. They move fluidly from Hip-Hop to Bharatnatyam, creating a one-of-a-kind fusion of the two diametrically opposed dance forms.

This Hybrid Bharatnatyam video by choreographer Usha Jey is going viral on the internet. The one-minute, 20-second video wins people’s hearts by exquisitely blending cultural boundaries. And on the face of it, social media can’t get enough.

Usha Jey, a Sri Lankan choreographer based in Paris, is one of the three dancers featured in the video. She captioned the video, “What the fuck? Where does the love go?

Watch the video here:

So far, the video has been viewed over 6.59 lakh times and over 17,000 users have liked it.

In a later tweet, Ms Jey said she called it “#HybridBharatham”, and added, “It’s my way of switching between hip-hop and bharathanatyam, 2 dances I love, learn and respect “.

Many people even commented on the video, liking how the two styles were fused together.

One user wrote: “I’m generally against experiments like this, but this one is dope.”

Another user, who thought it was “exceptional” and “awesome”, wanted to see Ms. Jey perform live one day.

A third user wrote, “Hip-hop can be amazing when mixed with another style.”

One user felt the way the dancers changed their “facial expressions with body language” was a treat to watch.

Adding a witty twist to the mix of the two cultures, one user wrote, “Dosa with KFC filling.”

Ms. Jey started her “Hybrid Bharatnatyam” series in December 2019, and so far there have been five episodes of the same.

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