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Chilli’s dance video goes off the rails after fans bring up singer’s ex

At the beginning of the 2000’s, Bailiff and Rozonda “Chile” Thomas were considered Hollywood’s “It” couple.

The couple, who met in 1993 after Usher signed to the same label as Chilli and members of his TLC band, LaFace Records, began dating in 2001. The singers eventually separated in 2003, after rumors of Usher’s infidelity started circulating. Since then, Usher has moved on to music manager Jenn Goicoechea, while Chilli’s love life remains private.

Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas’ dance video is left out when fans bring up the “TLC” singer’s ex Usher. Photo: @therealchilli/Instagram

On April 27, Chilli couldn’t escape Usher-related remarks made by fans after he uploaded a dance video to his Instagram account. In the recording, the 51-year-old is seen performing along to Lojay and Sarz’s track “Monalisa” in what appeared to be her home gym.

Alongside the clip, Chilli wrote in the caption, “In my happy place!” As Chili’s clip went viral, fans mentioned in the comments section how Usher groped his luck with her. At the same time, several people have spoken about how the couple would have been an ideal power couple had they stayed together.

“The bent usher.”

“She and Usher would have been perfect together.”

“Usher and Chilli were definitely kindred spirits, but he screwed it up.”

“I wish him and Usher good practice.”

“Her & Usher would have been (heart-eyed emoji) but it wasn’t a good fit.”

Among Usher’s remarks, others raved about Chili’s youthful appearance. One of them wrote: “What water do you drink? The fountain of youth is overflowing from your cup. Another said: “She just hasn’t aged…not even a bit.”

A third Instagram user posted, “Girlfriend is NOT getting old! Can’t believe she’s 51!!!”

During a 2019 interview with xoNecole, Chilli revealed the beauty secrets that helped her maintain her timeless look. The singer told the publication that she takes care of herself by using products that complement her skin.

She said, “Listen, don’t believe what they say when they say, ‘Black people don’t crack.’ This Is crack. You have to take care of your skin… I’m a product addict. I think that’s very wise because again you don’t know what will work with your skin. Everyone’s skin is a little different.

Chilli shared another factor that also contributed to her timeless glow by limiting her time in the sun. “And although I love the sun, it’s really not a good idea to hang out in the sun too much.”