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BTS Releases ‘Dynamite’ and ‘Permission To Dance’ Performances, But Their Cover of ‘I’ll Be Missing You’ Hits an ARMY Deal | K-pop Movie News

BTS was back to treat ARMY with new music. This time around, the band reunited to cover their hits ‘Dynamite’ and ‘Permission To Dance’ for a UK music channel.

The boys kicked things off with their 2020 summer single “Dynamite.” The song, which earned them their first Grammy and Brit Award nominations, saw the famous seven step up with their colorful and funky outfits as they rocked ARMY.

The music channel, which sees artists around the world perform their greatest hits, took the boys to the stage and performed their latest Billboard-topping single, “Permission to Dance.” Dressed in shades of blue and white, BTS hit the high notes of the song which has a strong connection to English. Not only does the track mention British music legend Sir Elton John, but it was also written by Ed Sheeran.

Finally, showing a bit of rhythm, RM, V, Jimin, J-Hope, Jin, SUGA and JungKook took the stage to perform the incredible cover of the track Puff Daddy, Faith Evans and Sting ‘I’ll Be Missing You’. The cover with its soothing lyrics and music left ARMY in awe.

Not only that, RM nailing his rap segment originally performed by Puff Daddy, Jimin perfectly matching Faith Evans’ range while hitting the high notes and J-Hope and SUGA’s surprise rap in Korean made this melody an instant favorite.

Musically, BTS would have become the first act in music history to replace themselves at the top spot on the Billboard music charts twice.

“Butter,” which spent a historic seven straight weeks at No. 1, was replaced by “Permission To Dance” last week to reclaim its spot at the top this week.

According to music chart data, “Butter” is just the eighth song in music history to spend its first seven weeks atop the charts.

While “Permission to Dance” is spending its second week in the TOP 10, “Butter” has recorded 9 weeks. “Butter” also tied Olivia Rodrigo’s record of 8 weeks in first place.