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Britney Spears cries on camera in social media dance video | English Film News

American singer-songwriter Britney Spears broke down in tears while dancing in a video posted to her social media, just before uploading photos celebrating her estranged sons’ birthdays.

According to the report, Spears shared the video to her Instagram handle and it was captioned, “It’s been a while since I cried on camera. This ain’t a breakdown motherfuckers this is a walk out. which I’ve needed for a very long time now. A spiritual experience, for sure!!! I think I need to do more!!! Psss… bawl.”

Although the post wasn’t out of the ordinary for the pop star, who frequently posts videos of herself making a move, but after twirling around in the clip several times, Spears began to break down and to cry. Despite claims that she didn’t have a “breakdown”, several fans were concerned for her well-being.

“This woman needs help before it’s too late,” a concerned fan commented on the post, adding, “If you love this woman, stop encouraging this behavior, reported.”

A second person agreed to write: “Oh Brit. You really need help. And no, I don’t hate to say that on the contrary, we want her well-being and she needs help to overcome her ordeal. I feel like she doesn’t have one.”

However, there were also fans who praised Spears for showing her raw emotions and letting her feelings go free. “If we don’t release our tears, they accumulate and are stored as pain. I’m in awe of how you deal with your emotions so gracefully,” someone said.

This post from Spears came hours before she shared one to wish her estranged sons Sean Preston and Jayden James a happy birthday amid family tensions.

According to the report, her ex-husband Kevin Federline revealed last month that their children have chosen not to see their mother for months because they are embarrassed by the nude content she has been posting on the internet since the end of her guardianship.