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Viral funny dance video: Many videos are going viral every day on social media. Some videos touch your heart, while others make you laugh. People are showing a lot of love for dance videos especially on social media. One of these videos is going viral on social media these days which will tickle your funny bone. In the video, three boys can be seen dancing. Then something happens that will not only make you laugh, but also make you careful when you dance next time.

Doing stunts in the middle of the dance becomes embarrassing for the boys.
The video that has gone viral appears to have been shot at a ceremony or function. In the video, three boys are dancing. While dancing, the three boys try to perform stunts on stage. In fact, while dancing, one boy sits on another boy’s shoulder, after which the third boy grabs the first boy’s leg and hangs in the air while the second boy begins to spin in circles. When all is well, the boy suspended in the air loses his balance and flips over in the air and falls. Seeing this, the people standing there start laughing.

Watch the full video here:

People reacted to the video like this-
The viral video was shared on social media platform Instagram. Internet users comment on the video and pray for the well-being of the three young people. At the same time, some social media users are unable to control their laughter after watching the video.