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Bhargavi Chirmuley and Varad Chavan’s Dance Video to Telugu Song Will Impress You

Last update: August 04, 2022, 11:38 a.m. HST

The video caught the attention of Bhargavi and Varad fans.

Bhargavi Chirmuley and Varad Chavan star in Aai Mayecha Kavach which airs on Colors Marathi.

Famous actress Aai Mayecha Kavach Bhargavi Chirmuley and Varad Chavan, who play Meenakshi and Bhaskar in the daily Marathi soap opera, were seen dancing passionately to the song Ranu Ranu Antune Chinnado in a video shared on Instagram. The show’s lead couple, who have gained immense popularity among the viewers, seem to be having a lot of fun dancing to the catchy Telugu song.

The video caught the attention of Bhargavi and Varad fans. The two often share behind-the-scenes videos of Aai Mayecha Kavach’s shoots on social media to entertain their fans.

While the show itself has plenty of twists, turns, and character clashes, the cast members have a great time together offscreen. This dance reel is another example of the fun times they used to have when they weren’t filming for the show. The video also proves that Bhargavi and Varad are great dancers.

Bhargavi has shared many dance videos on Instagram. She considers Kathak dancer Deepali Vichare as her inspiration and posts dance reels trying to hone her skills. Not only does she dance, but she also handles many dance styles well.

The Aai Mayecha Kavach series which airs on Colors Marathi is also getting a lot of positive attention due to the interesting twist of two Suhanis which is currently being explored in the show. The two Suhanis, one fake and the other real, create a lot of confusion in the series, but the main couple – Meenakshi and Bhaskar figured out that the Suhani living with them is not the real one. Meenakshi is currently planning ways to reach the real Suhani, but before that she wants to expose the fake. She will be seen getting closer to the fake Suhani in order to gain his trust. Fake Suhani created a ruckus in the house due to her rude behavior.

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