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Angela reveals post-weight loss figure in dance video

It’s been almost two years since Angela Deem’s bariatric surgery. The 90 Day Fiancé star’s new dance video hints that she’s still losing weight.

Popular 90 day fiance Star Angela Deem recently showed off her newly transformed figure in a dance video on her Instagram. Fans may remember the 56-year-old meemaw from her first appearance on 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days season 2, where she appeared alongside her co-star Michael Ilesanmi. While Angela’s romance began after her debut on the show, her weight loss journey didn’t begin until she appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? season 6 in 2021. The reality star documented her weight loss expedition during the season and underwent multiple cosmetic procedures like breast reduction, liposuction, and gastric sleeve surgery.


In March 2021, Angela showed off her new look and revealed that she had lost over 90 pounds. However, fans were more concerned about the change in her personality right after her rapid weight loss. Along with acting erratically and controversially on the show, Angela quickly began befriending her popular co-stars, likely for ulterior motives. More 90 day fiance viewers were certain she was faking her friendships at the time, which turned out to be true when she dumped her longtime friend Jojo. After her weight loss transformation, Angela started living as a single woman and started partying vigorously. Most fans didn’t like the 56-year-old reality star’s new personality and even petitioned to ban him from TLC.

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Still, it seems that Angela doesn’t care what others think of her on the internet. Instead, she’s embraced her new personality and is living life as a young child. She recently shared a video of herself dancing on the sidewalk in the middle of the night. She wrote, “The best night of my life“, while she was walking with her friend Annabella Mitroi and claimed that they were”Thunda sisters.The Georgia resident looked super energetic in the video as she kicked and did some dance moves to the beats. She looked very different from her appearance on the show wearing a white top and a blue jeans. It is clear from the video that the 90 day fiance celeb lost more weight, but she did not specify how much.

Many 90 day fiance fans enjoyed Angela’s dance moves and shared their best regards in the comments. An Instagram user wrote: “God Almighty, you look amazing!!!! You’ve always been beautiful but you’re healthier now!!“Another user intervened,”You look fabulous Angela.. I love your heart sweater.One fan even told Angela to keep embracing her new self commenting, “Lol girl lol stop having so much fun!! Wait, hit that… Never stop having fun with your friends and being yourself!“While fans in the past thought Angela would gain weight, it appears, for now, that she’s losing more.

Still, it wouldn’t hurt Angela to listen to some of her other fans who aren’t so fond of her new persona. Some TLC viewers who have praised Angela’s weight loss journey in the past just want her to have permanent happiness. However, Angela’s actions made them believe that she was looking for temporary pleasure instead of tackling the important things in life. 90 day fiance fans just want her to have a happy life with Michael, make amends with her best friend, and do the things that make life truly fruitful.

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