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American Man’s Dance Video to ‘Rowdy Baby’ Goes Viral; netizens say “you seriously shook”

There are several videos of people from different countries displaying their dancing skills. One such video has made the rounds of the internet, where an American man dances to the beats of the song “Rowdy Baby”, featuring Dhanush and Sai Pallavi from the film. Mayi 2. There’s no denying that the catchy beats will get anyone dancing, but this man has taken the internet by storm with his dance moves.

The viral video opens to show an American man named Sean throwing off his headphones and shaking a leg to the sound of Rowdy baby. The video opens with an inserted text that read: “When my Tamil neighbors play music”. Sean’s dance moves and electrifying energy have captured the hearts of online users. The video was shared on Instagram with the caption “I don’t know what happened yet”.

Internet users “did not expect the transformation”

The viral video garnered around 2.5 million views and 321,000 likes. The video prompted many people to express their views. One user wrote, “Wow Anna, I didn’t expect the transformation.” A second user wrote, “That last part is cute.” A third user wrote, “Your dancing is awesome bro…I like it…” while another said, “You seriously rocked it.”

Recently, a video of an American woman performing bhangra went viral. In the video, she was seen gracefully performing the song Chidi Blauri, sung by Mannat Noor and Ammy Virk. With a smile on her face, she danced enthusiastically, winning the hearts of netizens.

Image: Instagram/@seantenedine