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Aasma Dance Company wins hearts with captivating dance performances

02 March 2021 18:33 STI

New Delhi [India], Mar 2 (ANI/ThePRTree): If there’s something Indians love the most, it’s dancing hard. No matter how big the occasion, you can’t expect people to end it without getting carried away by the music. Even in theaters, people dance to the music played in a movie. Dance is one of the best and most crucial art forms in India.
Sometimes people want to learn it more professionally and all different types. Therefore, they enroll in courses that teach the same thing. One of these academies is Aasma Dance Company.
Based in New Delhi, Aasma Dance Company was founded by Ashish Mathur and Sonia Verma in 2006. Ashish himself is a passionate dance choreographer. It has been 15 years since the dance company has been established and has spread its wings to many parts of the country with various branches.

Today, Aasma Dance Company is known for having the best dance troupes in the country. Whether it is a public event, a function or a wedding ceremony, the dancers who work or are part of this institution always have top priority to perform.
The popularity of Aasma Dance Company is not only limited to large receptions and weddings. Many Bollywood celebrities have collaborated with ADC multiple times. Some of the celebrities who have worked with this dance company are Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Hussain Kuwajerwala, Mikka Singh, AJ Singh, Shibani Kashyap, Jasbir Sassi, Gagan Kokri, Dev Kumar Deva, Millind Gabba, Shukhvinder Singh, Lauren and many more. ‘others. .
Talking about Ashish Mathur, he has choreographed many songs for amazing celebrities like Millind Gabba, Mikka Singh, Jasbir Sassi, Gagan Kokri and Dev Kumar Deva etc. But it’s not that. Aasma Dance Company has also won hearts with its internationally talented and versatile dancers. They did a lot of shows overseas and traveled with ‘White Passport’ to more than 20 countries. Collaborating with several international stars, Ashish Mathur’s dance company has represented India globally on several occasions.
Today, Aasma Dance Company can also be trusted for VIP events and weddings. The dancers are sure to amaze the masses by giving outstanding performances every time they put on their dancing shoes. On their Instagram page, they share how they practice all their acts perfectly. Their Bride-Groom entrance acts are the most talked about. Take a look at their Instagram page –
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