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‘A soldier is never on leave’: Man’s dance video goes viral

The drumbeats can rock anyone and a man’s footstep-like movements in a parade have sparked a laugh riot online. Video shared by Indian Police Service (IPS) officer Dipanshu Kabra shows the strangeness of the man dance moves.

The excited man is seen next to a drummer from a band in the video stepping left-right in a parade. He turns around, salutes with his right hand, then takes two steps back and salutes again. He moves forward after turning to the other side and shakes his upper body. He even does jumping jacks and swings his arms. Another man approaches him and we see him whispering something in his ear. Once again, the man continues his walk step by step.

Watch the video here:

Kabra tweeted in Hindi: “As soon as his training was complete, this soldier landed at his friend’s wedding procession. The clip released on Thursday has racked up over 1.5 lakh views so far.

After the dancer’s video went viral, many had funny reactions. “He’s a police officer from Mumbai. Calls himself Singham,” one user wrote. “Looks like he’s still in training,” another user commented.

Before that, several other dance videos went viral. In August last year, a man from Telangana was seen running across a road and dance in the middle from the Durgam Cheruvu Cable Bridge. The video caught the attention of Cyberabad Traffic Police and the law enforcement agency warned on Twitter saying, “Don’t do stunts and road dances for fun.”