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3 Stats That Show How Massive BTS’s “Permission To Dance” Video Is In Korea

BTS’ new single “Permission to Dance” is a global giant no matter how you look at it. In fact, the song is the #1 track worldwide by total consumption. The accompanying music video, which was historic in terms of reach from the moment it debuted, helped the song debut to high positions all over the planet. The clip quickly earned one of the 10 greatest debuts in YouTube history, and a quick look at the company’s weekly charts in the band’s home country of South Korea proves just how how much he was appreciated during his first week of availability.

Here are three statistics that highlight the popularity of BTS’s “Permission to Dance” video in South Korea in the first seven days fans were able to watch it.

Bigger than the rest of the top 25 combined

The video “Permission to Dance” opens at No. 1 on the weekly most-viewed music video chart in South Korea with an impressive 9.6 million views. To put that number into perspective, it’s one of only two visuals to rack up at least a million clicks over the seven-day tracking period, and after the first two gaps, the number of plays plummets. hastily.

“Permission to Dance” outperformed all other tracks in the top 25, the entire top quarter of the chart, combined.

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Eight times larger than the second

This week, the #2 most-watched music video on YouTube in South Korea is from the same group that sits at #1. 08 million views the same tracking period in which “Permission to Dance” grossed over 9 million. The K-pop group’s latest music video has outperformed its previous release more than eight times.

More than the rest of the top five combined…times two

Looking at the top half of the top 10, the #1 track still does much, much better than all of the other clips. Included in the top five this week on YouTube’s chart of most-watched music videos in South Korea are the aforementioned “Butter” as well as Lim Young-woong’s “My Starry Love” (#3, 894,000 views),” Weekend” (#4, 877,000 views) and yet another clip from BTS, as their performance of “Butter” at the FNS Music Festival opened at #5 with 607,000 views.

Adding up all these hit videos, the #2-5 most popular videos got 3.458 million views. When doubled, that sum still falls short of the 9.6 million views of “Permission to Dance” in its first image.

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