Dance performances

Free outdoor poetry, music and dance performances will take place in the South Bronx Community Garden

Stage Garden Rumba-the multidisciplinary performance series that brings live poetry, music and dance performances to green spaces and “Casitas” (community gardens) across the South Bronx-has an exciting lineup of FREE performances this Saturday, June 26 at Willis Avenue Garden from 3:00 p.m. (full schedule and location information below): Hosted by the famous spoken word poet […]

Dance performances

Featured student dance shows online

The 40th Annual Bainbridge Dance Center Student Performance will take place online this year from June 17-19. Each evening at 6 p.m., a pre-recorded video of a performance will be posted on their website at Each night’s schedule will be different and the videos will be available for two weeks after their premiere. June […]

Dance performances

Designer Sandhya Raman on her journey of costumes for dance performances, design innovations for a digital stage – Art-and-culture News, Firstpost

According to Raman, costume is a study of heritage, space and time, events that take place nationally, globally and politically, which are emulsified into a design that can hold an audience in its grip. “The costumes start their performance before the dancers even set foot on stage, because they say everything about the show,” remarks […]

Dance performances

Review: Jacob’s Pillow Virtual Gala Presents Dazzling Dance Performances

Gala shows often feature patrons in black ties and evening dresses, cocktails, and expensive seats. Saturday night’s season opening gala for the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival was a whole different matter. “Global Pillow: A Virtual Gala” took place online. Entrance was free. Best of all, if you missed Saturday night’s performances, you can still catch […]

Dance performances

ABREPASO Flamenco brings dance performances to Cleveland

CLEVELAND – Northeast Ohio’s premier flamenco music and dance company is slated to take the stage on Saturday at 8 p.m. for a virtual performance. ABREPASO Flamenco will present its new production “En Camino” which presents two new pieces of traditional flamenco. Flamenco is a Spanish art form made up of several important parts: guitar, […]

Dance performances

Watch In-Person Dance Performances at the Seattle International Dance Festival – What’s Up This Week

Live audiences return for the start of its 16th season. #k5evening First introduced in 20-11 as the troublemaker brother of Thor, Loki gets its own six-episode TV series. The story begins where we last saw the prankster in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, taking off with the Tesseract. You can see what new mischief he’s getting into […]

Dance video

Britney Spears Drops Deceptively Difficult Dance Video; look

On June 8, 2021, Britney Spears took to her official Instagram handle and posted a self-recorded video featuring her. In the video, she can be seen dancing to Janet’s music while looking confidently at the camera. In the caption, she informed her fans and followers that she also did some yoga after her dance session. […]

Dance education

New Studios Open for Next Step in Dance Education | Rowan today

Bold New Project Brings Rowan University Dance Program to Next Stage of Evolution after May 25 inauguration ceremony of a dance studio building on the Glassboro campus. The long-held dream of new facilities is becoming a reality with the construction starting next June of an addition starting from the west side of Wilson Hall, which […]

Dance performances

Mohanlal’s Best Classical Dance Performances in Malayalam Movies You Can’t Miss; See

Mohanlal is a famous Malayalam actor who has worked in a variety of films, across different genres. He is not only famous for his versatility and passion, but also for his ability to dance to the music like a well-trained dancer. In some of his films, the actor is seen performing difficult ballet routines that […]

Dance performances

‘Garden as Gallery’ is a series of dance performances

A combination of dance performances and an in-house exhibition will take place at Gorse Hill and the Mermaid Arts Center in July. The outdoor dance events will be held in conjunction with an exhibition titled “Garden as Gallery, Gallery as Garden” by artist Joan Davis in the Mermaid Gallery. The exhibition opens on July 2. […]

Dance video

Ed Sheeran and Courteney Cox dance video

The dynamic duo you didn’t know you needed. Ed Sheeran and Courteney Cox make an adorable and unlikely dynamic duo! In case you haven’t followed either of them on social media, they’re both *friends* in real life. NBCUniversal and Gregg Deguire via Getty Images Only a few days later Friends: Reunion premiered on HBO Max, […]

Dance artist

Winnipeg pop-style dance artist says his Maples neighborhood nurtured his talents

You might have seen Calvin Lam moving through the streets of The Maples neighborhood in Winnipeg. Or maybe you’ve watched the dozens of videos he’s posted to YouTube and Instagram, showing off his pop-style dancing skills. Regardless, the Winnipegger is making a name for himself with his pop and independent dance moves, and says his […]