Dance performances

5 Dance Shows From Around the World in Chicago

Budding ballerinas, dedicated dancers and art enthusiasts will be inspired by some of the incredible dance performances taking place in Chicago in the months to come. Dance styles from around the world will be showcased, providing both opportunities to explore different cultures and to see that dance truly can be a universal medium of communication. […]

Dance performances

Dance performances and workshops are coming to Northampton

Given how quickly news moves these days, it’s easy to forget that for some fifteen years Thornes Market in Northampton was the scene of a regular series of dance performances and workshops in January, held on the third floor of the downtown building by Available Potential Enterprises (APE), Ltd., the arts organization founded by the […]

Dance performances

Delaware Art Museum expands to music and dance performances

The Delaware Art Museum is planning an eclectic lineup of musical performances to reaffirm the museum’s mission to engage the public in an exploration of artistic creation through stimulating conversations and performances. “In 2019, the series pursues the twin goals of peak performance and social justice,” said Jonathan Whitney, manager of performance programs and community […]

Dance education

Ballet Arizona brings dance education to West Valley

The Arizona School of Ballet will be point its direction to the West Valley for its Spring 2019 semester, starting January 16. The four-month session provides the opportunity for children ages 4-8 to learn essential ballet skills from professional teachers in a studio at Estrella Mountain Community College, 3000 N. Dysart Road. at Avondale. Let […]

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Ocasio-Cortez’s response to teasing over college dance video? A Congressional Dance Video | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

An attempt to humiliate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as she was sworn in as the youngest US Congresswoman ever backfired impressively, sparking a huge outpouring of support for her. A 30-second video was posted by a Twitter user called AnonymousQ showing Ocasio-Cortez dancing on the roof of a building while in college. “Here’s America’s favorite know-it-all commie, […]

Dance performances

12 dance shows to see in New York this weekend

LIVE ARTERY at New York Live Arts (January 4-7). As arts presenters from across the country and around the world flock to New York to discover artists and fill their performance spaces, audiences can also revisit their favorite works from the past year or catch critically acclaimed shows that he could have missed. Over several […]